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EA Sports 

As a User Interface Designer for EA FIFA franchise, I was privileged to be involved in UI design refresh process for new Kick Off mode. During this process, I created various elements for interfaces where I developed guidelines working collaboratively with UX designers, Software Engineers and Producers. 

Company / 

EA Sports


Role / 

UI Designer


Year / 


01 / Kick Off 2.0

Team / 

Jeff Kwok (Lead UI Designer)

Hailey Yang (UI Designer)

Felix Lai (UX Designer)

Kick Off Mode is a mode where users can casually play and enjoy FIFA with their friends locally. We wanted to bring a fresh look to this mode. 

After number of discussions and iterations, we were able to bring new visual experience to our users. 

02 / Division Crests Design

Team / 

Jeff Kwok (Lead UI Designer)

In FIFA, users are able to move up division based on their accomplishments. We wanted to make this experience better than previous years by designing new crests for them. 

We hope that users will feel the achievements even better with these new crests.


First, we gathered references of what professional football clubs are using for their logos and crests as we wanted to make the crests very relatable to football. From these references, we began exploring different shapes and progression systems for our crests.