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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends

As a User Interface Designer for Apex Legends, I collaborated with amazing fellow UI Designers, UX Designers,  Producers, Game Designers and Software Engineers to create visually compelling and user friendly design contents, user interfaces and game experience. 

Company / 

Respawn Entertainment (EA)


Role / 

UI Designer


Year / 


01 / Season 08 - Mayhem

Team / 

Aaron Rutledge (XD Director)

Hafid Roserie (Art Director)

Raz Mergian (UI Designer)

Melody Copeman (UI Designer)

Joon Park (UI Designer)

Justin Lee (UX Designer)

Jamile Marcellino (UX Designer)

Season 08 (Mayhem) was the first season I was privileged to be a part of in Apex Legends. In this season, the team introduced a new character, Fuse who is a bombastic explosives expert. 


It was an amazing experience to work with the amazing team in creating overall visual tone for the season and the character. 

War Games Battle Pass Event
Chaos Theory Battle Pass Event
02 / Weapon HUD 

Team / 

Aaron Rutledge (XD Director)

Jamile Marcellino (UX Designer)

David Bocek (Game Designer)

During my time at Apex Legends, I was privileged to see and test new weapons before releasing. 


It was an amazing experience to work and collaborate with the amazing team members in different disciplines to create solutions for weapon HUDs.


Bocek Bow - HUD Explorations
Weapon Icons