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Torn Banner Studios
Chivalry II

As a User Interface Designer at Torn Banner Studios, I collaborated with amazing fellow Producers, Game Designers, Software Engineers and Directors to create more fun medieval experience for Chivalry 2 players.

Company / 

Torn Banner Studios


Role / 

Sr. UI Designer


Year / 


01 / Main Menu Update

Team / 

Rasmus Lofstrom (Game Director)
Stan Komarovski (Software Engineer)

When I joined Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry 2 had already been released for more than a year. However, we wanted to make refresh and make some changes to already existing UI to create better UI experience for our players.

Even with limited resources and time, we were able to collaborate and implement great changes to our UI as a team. 

Previous Main Menu

We wanted to make our main menu to feel more extensive when players first come into the game. With stacked buttons and heavy top bar, the previous UI felt quite obstructed and unclear.


In the exploration, I wanted to suggest a more open environment and clearly distinguished and clean UI while still bringing the medieval fantasy for the fans. 


Even though we were not able to implement all of the suggestions from the exploration, we were still able to bring in number of elements from the exploration and make positive difference to the UI as a team. 

02 / Campaign

Team / 

Rasmus Lofstrom (Game Director)

Jack Anderson (Software Engineer)

James Lulham (Producer)

Dohee Kim (Game Designer)

For a long time, players wanted and waited for a feature that would allow them to progress, gain more cosmetics and gain a sense of achievement in Chivalry 2. 

With the new campaign feature, we were happy to provide our players more ways to have fun and progress.


New Campaign Feature

With constant collaboration and alignment with our game designers, engineers and game director, we were able to come up with the final UI for the new Campaign feature.