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EA Sports 

As a User Interface Designer for EA FIFA franchise, I designed, documented and implemented various User Interfaces and elements for them. During this development cycle, I worked closely and collaboratively with Producers, Software Engineers, UX designers and other experts to create the end product.

Company / 

EA Sports


Role / 

UI Designer


Year / 


01 / Visual Identity

Team / 

Jeff Kwok (Art Direction)

Camden Taylor (Lead UI Designer)

Ravin Edisi (Graphic Designer)

We had a fresh and blank canvas in front of us to paint. With the X-Statement, "True football, from the streets to the stadium", we began our visual exploration journey for FIFA 20.

It was truly all team collaboration from gathering references to creating new visual concepts. I am very grateful and proud of the team and our accomplishments.


From our X-Statement, we began to create visual keywords that would describe our next product such as "Digi-Grit" which is a combination of two different words, "Digital" and "Grit". With these keywords, we began to gather visual references and create mood boards. After number of reviews, we were able to filter down to one visual direction from which we used as our base for visual explorations.


After visual identity has been defined, we created and shared graphic assets and style-guide to the team which have been implemented to the product and marketing assets for FIFA 20.