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Yours Truly Project

Yes, our homeless neighbors need financial help to get back on track. But I believe that the root of this problem of homeless is "social discrimination". To solve a problem, we need to understand the problem. For this problem of homelessness, we need to understand our homeless neighbors. And the first step to understand them is to listen to their stories. This project is not about "solving" the homeless problem, but it is about helping the citizens to understand their neighbors better after reading their stories. Like all of us, they have their stories to share. We all have stories.

Tools Used: Indesign / Photoshop / iBooks   

Photography: Josh Choi

Special Thanks to: Ben, Riley, Jack and Karl for sharing their stories / Rob Demerse for English editing

Yours Truly eBook

Yours Truly Project Application: Click for Prototype

Here is some of the process that I went through at the first stage: Yours Truly Project Process Book

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